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4 Items to Pick Up at the Dollar Store

With all merchandise costing only a dollar, you can really stretch your budget by shopping at a dollar store. Of course, not everything is worth a dollar, so you must use discernment when shopping.

Here are four items that offer a huge savings by purchasing at the dollar store. They’re usually good quality, and ready to be added to your shopping basket.


It’s hard to get organized without containers. Whether you need baskets in your bathroom to hold all your toiletries, or plastic shoeboxes to organize school supplies, you’ll find a great selection of options at dollar stores.

Many of these containers are hard plastic and easy to clean. They come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Cotton Swabs

Great for cleaning nooks and crannies, and getting dirt out of the top of your ear, cotton swabs have many uses around the house. You can save money on these by purchasing them at the dollar store.

Be sure to check how many are in a package before you buy, though. You should be able to find 250 in a package. That’s a good number for a dollar. The smaller packs with only 80 might not offer as much savings when compared to buying them at other stores.

Greeting Cards

Have you seen the selection of cards at your local dollar store? They have cards for every occasion. You’ll find sappy cards, funny cards, cards for kids and more.

The best part?

These cards don’t cost a dollar. They’re usually priced at two for a dollar, making them 50 cents apiece. Compared to a couple of dollars for a single card at some stores, that’s a huge savings.

And yes, the envelope is included. You’ll just need to purchase a stamp.

Party Supplies

Have a party coming up? Check the dollar store first for table wear, decorations and party favors. They have plenty of design options available.

You also can buy helium filled balloons for only a dollar. Buy a couple and a bag of candy to create a unique balloon bouquet.

While purchasing party supplies, remember your wrapping paper or gift bags. You can get these at the dollar store, too. Though the rolls are a bit smaller, you still get a good amount for a dollar.

What Will You Buy with the Money You Save?

Purchasing these four items at the dollar store will put some extra cash in your pocket. What will you buy with that money?

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