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4 Free Must-Have Fitness Apps

Now that we are in a new year, this is a great time to think about fitness. Thanks to innovative technology and the use of mobile devices, there are plenty of fitness apps to help you along in your healthy journey. Here are some of the best fitness apps you may want to consider:


Pact is a fantastic app that encourages its users to get fit in exchange for cold, hard cash. You will be able to make a “pact” to exercise a certain amount of time a day, eat a certain number of calories, and so on. When signing up for a pact, you can choose a certain amount of money, typically between $5 and $10 to either be deducted from your credit card or PayPal account if you don’t make your pact. If you do hit your daily goal, you will win a cash reward that comes from the pool of Pact users.


If you’re a runner, or aspire to become a runner, Runkeeper is the app for you. Runkeeper allows you to track your pace, chart weight loss, measure your distance, and so on. A great thing about this app is its not only for running. If you haven’t worked your way up to running, or if you just don’t prefer to do so, you will still find this app useful. It will work for bike riding, walking, and any activity that requires you to move a distance. It utilizes the GPS in your phone to record this data.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a fun and useful app that tracks everything about your diet. This innovative app is widely known for tracking your macros, including calories, fat, and more. It will let you know when certain foods may not have the best macros based on the eating plan it has created for you. My Fitness Pal will also predict how much weight you will lose based on how you eat. It also allows you to track your water intake as well as your fitness. With this app, you will be able to quickly add in your food at each meal, and it is particularly helpful thanks to a code reader that allows you to scan barcodes on virtually any food product so that you can quickly add the information to your daily intake.

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is another great app for those who want to begin running. It’s an app that will help you start your running journey by taking you through small goals at a time. As you go through the program, you will gradually increase your miles until you can run a full 5K. This app is fantastic because it helps you work your way up to running, preventing you from giving up due to being unable to keep up.

The best thing about these fitness apps is that they are completely free to use. If you want to get started on a healthy kick this year, consider adding one or these apps to your smart phone. For more fitness and health tips, check out the SideMoney blog. Also, SideMoney can help you earn some nice rewards just by giving your opinion. Sign up and earn some extra cash to use towards some fun fitness gear!

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