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Silly and Confusing smartphone apps

10 Silliest and Pointless Smartphone Apps

 Silly and Confusing smartphone apps

The purpose of smartphone apps is to make lives and everyday tasks easier and more convenient. But app developers with either a great sense of humor or lack of common sense have managed to develop some of the silliest, most pointless apps in existence.

Need a few good laughs to make your day? Check out these 10 silly and pointless apps guaranteed to make you shake your head.

1. S.M.T.H.

The S.M.T.H app, which stands for “Send Me to Heaven,” is a sports game that requires users to throw their smartphones as high up into the air as possible. The app registers the height, and uploads results to its leader board. Available for Android, don’t risk playing this game unless you’re okay with having a broken smartphone.

2. iBeer Free

Available for iOS and Android, the iBeer Free app turns your screen into a mug of beer, and allows you to “consume” the beer as you tilt your phone. When your beer is finished, your phone emits a loud burp to signal you’re done.

3. Electric Shaver

Known as Electric Shaver on Android and Electric Razor on iOS, this app turns your screen into a buzzing electric shaver. After the shaver is powered on, use your smartphone to “fake” shave your face, legs, and other areas as desired.

4. Sleep Sheep

Designed to help insomniacs fall asleep, the Sleep Sheep app displays the simple graphic of a sheep jumping over a fence repeatedly.

Not only is watching the sheep super boring, but a number of studies have revealed that looking at your smartphone before going to sleep can actually CAUSE insomnia, thanks to the blue light emitted by such devices that interfere with sleep patterns.

5. Yo

Download Yo for free on iOS or Android, launch the app, then select a contact. The app sends a text to that contact saying, “Yo.” Or, save device storage space along with minutes of your time, and simply type “Yo” using the basic text messaging feature.

6. [email protected]

Next time you feel like sleeping at work, download [email protected] for free on iOS, which emits several different work noises to make it sound as if you’re being productive.

If you actually work at a place that still uses staplers, pencil sharpeners, and reams of paper, you could end up fooling everyone with this app.

7. Cry Translator

Designed for new parents, the Cry Translator app provides the exact reason your baby is crying based on the sounds of his or her cry. Let your baby cry for 10 seconds while the app magically decides whether your child is hungry, tired, or needs a diaper change. Or, use your own common sense and parental instincts to determine why your baby is upset.

8. Watching Cute Girl

Launch this app to view an image of a virtual woman who stares at you indefinitely. With over 180 different facial expressions, this woman keeps you company at all times so you’ll never feel alone. Download the app and become “friendly” with Watching Girl, according to the app’s official description.

9. Akatu Fake Shower

If you’re tired of people telling you to take a shower, download the Akatu Fake Shower app for free on iOS. The app simulates the sound of using a sink or shower to clean yourself, so your friends and family will never know you really didn’t shower.

10. Pointless Game

This literally pointless game is one of the simplest, silliest games available for Android. Put your finger anywhere on the screen, and earn one point for each second your finger stays on the screen. Remove your finger, and lose the game. Even its developers encourage users not to install this pointless game.

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