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Smartphone Addiction

10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Your Smartphone

Smartphone AddictionThere’s no doubt most of us would feel lost without a smartphone in hand. Smartphones keep us connected to our personal and professional lives, come in handy when we need help with directions or finding information on the fly, and entertain us when we’re bored at the DMV or looking for fun, free things to do in our spare time.

However, spending TOO much time on your smartphone could indicate addiction, which can interfere with your livelihood and quality of life if you’re not careful!

Do you suspect you might be obsessed with your smartphone? Check out the following 10 signs to see if you’re really addicted to your mobile device.

1. Your Battery Drains At Least Once Per Day

Provided your battery and phone are in top working condition, you might have an addiction if you’re reaching for the charger at least once per day. Start monitoring your battery charge more closely, and take a break if you notice it draining too quickly due to excessive use.

2. You Worry About Losing Your Phone

Frequently patting your pocket or purse to confirm your smartphone is still there is a sure sign of smartphone addiction. Stop worrying about your smartphone, and work on resisting the urge to check on its whereabouts throughout the day.

3. Your Phone is a Crutch During Awkward Moments

You might be addicted to your smartphone if you whip it out when among strangers or sitting alone waiting for someone. Instead of staring at your screen and making things more awkward, try to relax and take in what’s going on around you. You might even make a new friend!

4. You’re Anxious to Reply Instantly

If you feel anxious or pressured to reply immediately when someone contacts you, you could be taking your smartphone too seriously. Keep in mind that your time is yours to prioritize, so feel free to reply at a time that works best for you.

5. You Panic When You Forget Your Phone

You might have an addiction if you panic and fret when leaving your smartphone at home by accident. When these instances occur, try to remember a fun time in your life when you didn’t have access to a smartphone, and understand that leaving your phone at home this once won’t hurt.

6. You Check Your Phone on Dates

Checking your smartphone while on a date is usually considered rude and insensitive — especially if your date is talking at the same time. Your date might assume you think your phone is more important, and might not make future plans with you.

7. You Take Your Phone to the Bathroom

Using your smartphone in the bathroom is unsanitary and could increase your exposure to germs and bacteria if you don’t disinfect it immediately afterward. Plus, you might wind up spending more time in the bathroom than initially planned.

8. You Hear Phantom Rings

Have you ever checked your phone repeatedly after thinking you heard it ring? Or do you sometimes feel phantom vibrations in your pocket? These are indications that you could be addicted to your smartphone. If you’re not expecting an important call, keep your device silenced so you can live more in the moment without worrying about your phone.

9. You Check Your Phone In the Middle of the Night

There are very few times in life when you’ll receive an important message in the middle of the night. Even then, it’s likely okay to deal with it in the morning. If you’re checking your smartphone in the middle of the night, you’re increasing your risk for sleep problems.

10. You’re Reading This Article on Your Phone

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