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Foods to buy in bulk

The 10 Best Foods to Buy in Bulk


Foods to buy in bulkBuying food in bulk is a great way to save money. You’ll minimize some of the manufacturing costs associated with smaller packages and usually see a much lower price per ounce or pound.

However, there are a couple of guidelines to follow before purchasing any food in bulk. Always consider:

  • The actual price per unit—is it really cheaper?
  • Will you use or preserve this food before it spoils?
  • How will you store such a large amount?
  • Do you have money in your budget for the purchase?

Once you’ve thought about these things, you’re probably ready to start stocking up on food. But with so much bulk food out there, what should you purchase? Where do you see the most bang for your buck? Let’s look at 10 of the best foods to purchase in bulk.

1. Meat

Meat is expensive! One way to save big is to buy in bulk. If you can buy directly from a farmer and purchase a whole or half animal at a time you’ll save the most. But if you’re lacking freezer space or funds to buy that much, just buy the largest amount that you can.

Stock up and buy the biggest package that you can afford. Any meat that you won’t be using right away can be frozen. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try canning your own meat in a pressure cooker.

2. Produce

When you buy produce in season, it’s always much cheaper, not to mention tastier. Take advantage of farmer’s markets and rock bottom prices at the grocery store to buy a lot of fruit when it’s on sale.

Then, put your preservation skills to use. Create jam and fruit-roll ups, or simply follow directions for freezing.

When you pull out strawberries from your freezer in the middle of winter, your taste buds and your wallet will be glad you made the purchase earlier.

3. All-Purpose Flour

While wheat flour tends to go rancid when stored for too long, all-purpose flour is one you can safely buy in bulk. Just be sure to store it in a container with a tight lid where bugs can’t get in.

4. Spices

If your local grocer has a bulk spice section, you’ll notice the prices are much lower than when you purchase them in the fancy glass jars. The best news about purchasing spices this way? You don’t necessarily need to buy a lot. So feel free to just get what you need and still enjoy some substantial savings.

5. Pasta

Dried pasta has a fairly long shelf-life, so pick it up when it’s on sale. You’ll often find a great price on pasta if you can nab a sale that prices items by the case.

6. Rice

Rice lasts a long time and can be cooked in so many different ways that it’s hard to grow bored with it. Buy the large bag, and then store it in air-tight containers in order to keep weevils and other pests out.

7. Dried Beans

Bags of dried beans are way cheaper than their canned counterparts. With a shelf-life of at least a year, you’ll be able to buy large amounts and use them as you need.

8. Popcorn

Have you seen the price on those tiny bags of popcorn kernels? You can save a ton of money by opting for the 25-pound bag instead.

Just store it in a dry environment. Then pull out a small amount whenever you’re ready to pop yourself a light and delicious snack.

9. Condiments

Summer is the time of year to stock up on condiments! Buy the large cans of ketchup, the big bottles of mustard, and the huge jar of pickles. Then, just transfer them into smaller containers as needed. You’ll save money and won’t have to buy condiments again for several months.

10. Sugar

Like flour, sugar is much cheaper per pound the more you buy. As long as you store it in an air-tight container and ensure moisture and pests don’t get in, you’ll be able to buy several months’ worth at one time.

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