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Bad smartphone habits

10 Bad Smartphone Habits to Stop Right Now

Bad smartphone habitsSmartphones have become so integral to our everyday lives, that it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing people on their phones. In fact, people are so attached to their phones that they use them even when they shouldn’t, such as when driving, exercising at the gym, or watching movies in the theater.

Practicing bad smartphone habits can make you seem rude and inconsiderate, and can even have a negative impact on your personal and professional life.

Are you guilty of bad smartphone habits? Here are 10 common smartphone habits that could be affecting your reputation — and sanity.

1. Talking Too Loudly

Talking on the phone too loudly can be disruptive and disrespectful to those around you. If you must talk on the phone in public, retreat to a private spot and use a regular, conversational tone to avoid “cell yell.”

2. Filming Important Moments

The magic and beauty of music concerts, graduation ceremonies, your child’s birth, and other important moments are often lost when you choose to experience these moments behind your smartphone. Before you start filming, ask yourself if this moment will best be remembered with or without your smartphone.

3. Turning Up the Volume

Keeping your ringer and notifications turned up loud for all to hear sends the message that the people contacting you are far more important than your present company. Mute your smartphone when spending time with loved ones, or when attending important functions and work meetings.

4. Driving at the Same Time

Texting and talking without a hands-free device while driving is dangerous for you, pedestrians and other drivers, and is illegal in most jurisdictions. Be responsible at all times and never use your smartphone when driving.

5. Checking Your Phone Constantly

Looking at your phone repeatedly can break your concentration and lead to major distractions that take you away from friends, family and important tasks at hand. If text messages and social media notifications interfere with your ability to get things done, consider disabling notifications and limit yourself to checking the phone at set intervals.

6. Texting When You Should Call

Texting can be more convenient than talking on the phone, especially if you’re at work or just need to send a brief message. But if you’re typing out long paragraphs or discussing something important, choose calling over text messaging. Lots can be lost in translation via text, especially when others fail to pick up on your emotions.

7. Not Leaving Voicemail

When you call and don’t leave voicemail, the general consensus is that you didn’t have anything important to say. Instead of hanging up upon hearing voicemail, be courteous and take time to leave a brief message so people know why you called in the first place.

8. Using the Speakerphone

Conducting conversations via speakerphone is often considered just as disruptive and rude as talking too loudly, except everyone can hear both sides of your conversation.

Avoid using speakerphone if you’re having difficulty hearing, and move to a quieter spot that allows you to hear more clearly.

9. Drinking and Texting

In recent years, the days of drunk-dialing have evolved into days of drunk-texting, drunk-tweeting, drunk-Instagramming, and more. Sending drunk texts tends to happen much more frequently than drunk-dialing due to convenience.

When consuming adult beverages, put away your smartphone, and focus on safely enjoying your time with present company.

10. Saying Things You’d Never Say in Person

Technology has made it easier and more convenient for people to say and do whatever they want without immediate repercussions. Before saying something you might regret, remember that there are real people behind social media accounts, email addresses, and text messages, and don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to them in person.

Is your smartphone driving you crazy? Focus on living in the now, and limit the time you spend on your smartphone. Or, consider downloading SideMoney, and earn free gift cards doing what you love online.

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